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Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy and Information

Anti-Bullying Coordinator - Misty Weiss
Anti-Bullying Specialist - Diane Bauer


WeTip Hotline

WeTip’s School Safety Program offers the WeTip anonymous hotline to students and their families.  WeTip’s hotline is a way for people to get involved in establishing a safer school and community.  Students are often afraid to report bullying and crime information because they fear reprisal from the person they are reporting.  WeTip gives students and their families an opportunity to give information without fear.  You may also use WeTip to anonymously report students who do not live in Woodland Township.  

When you call the WeTip hotline, the first words you will hear from the operator will be,“This is the WeTip crime-line, please do not give your name.”  The operator will then ask a series of questions, designed by law enforcement, to obtain the maximum amount of information about the reported crime.

WeTip information is immediately conveyed to the District and other appropriate agencies.

You can call 24 hours a day!!

Report your concerns to us.

No one will ask your name, you will remain anonymous.

(855) 86-BULLY


Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights PowerPoint